Nevertheless, She Persisted

Aliya Gollom

Ryerson University Photography Studies Thesis Project

“Nevertheless, She Persisted” speaks on the realities of young motherhood from the point of view of three young mothers in the GTA named Moya, Quinn and Shay. These strong young women are incredible mothers with goals outside of motherhood to help others. Moya wants to be a Police Dispatcher, Quinn wants to be a Deaf interpreter for emergency services, and Shay wants be a Paediatrician. They all challenge the stigma of young motherhood. They show us that we must change the way society thinks, and force us to challenge our pre-concieved notions of young motherhood, opening our eyes to the strength, bravery, determination and brilliance each of these young women have to offer. 
Moya, Quinn and Shay each have to deal with stigma, discouragement and judgement every day,
Nevertheless, they persist, they survive and they remain resilient.

Moya, Egypt & Naiyah

Moya is an incredibly kind, strong and smart woman and mother. She has a heart of gold, and so much wisdom to offer. She wants her girls to know their strength as women and how much their voices matter. Moya makes everyone in her life feel so special and heard, no matter what she is dealing with herself. She speaks on a podcast educating folks on current issues as well as feminist parenting. She starts classes to become a Police Dispatcher in the next couple of months, a job that requires a lot of patience and compassion for others in times of need, something Moya has plenty to offer. 


Quinn, Ren & Grey

Quinn has so much love in her heart for others. She has an incredible ability to make people feel safe and comfortable to talk about what they're going through. She has so much empathy and compassion for everyone's story. Her love for her sons is immeasurable. She is teaching them the importance of consent, reading feminist parenting books, and ensuring her boys learn how to say no, and how to respect other people's right to say no. Quinn wants to be a Deaf Translator for Emergency Services so that people in crisis can receive the help they need, regardless of their abilities, once again showing us her care for others. 


Shayanne & Amaya

Shay is one of the sweetest people I've ever met. She works hard to make sure that her and her daughter have a good life. She is completing her High School Diploma and would like to pursue Paediatrics in the future. Her love for her daughter is boundless, she knows to trust herself and that it doesn't matter what others think. She is warm, loving, smart, and determined. Her family is extremely supportive of her and it is clear how much Shay values family. She has created an environment where her daughter receives endless love from the most important people in her life.