Photo by  Adam Deunk

Photo by Adam Deunk

About Aliya

I am a 22 year old photographer living in Vancouver, British Columbia. I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario and have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography Studies from Ryerson University.
I have been in love with photography since I was a little kid!
I focus on portrait, family and wedding photography and I absolutely love what I do. I'm enthusiastic, passionate and constantly smiling and laughing! I primarily shoot digitally, however my fine art work tends to be shot on Medium Format film.
It is important to me that my clients know that I am very passionate about human rights. I promise to provide a safe and warm environment no matter where we are shooting!
I want my clients to feel safe, loved, accepted and supported when I am working with them, no matter where they come from, what they look like, their religion, race, or identity.
I love traveling, camping, singing, acting, reading, cuddling with my cats, going on adventures with my love, and staying up late watching Cult Classics, Documentaries and Stand Up Comedy (think The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Forensic Files, and any of John Mulaney’s Specials on Netflix)
I work hard to capture special moments, create memories, and tell stories through a documentary photography lens.
Send me a message if you're interested in setting up a shoot!


Q: What is your favourite part about photographing people?
A: Telling their story. Storytelling is a big part of what I focus on in my photography, whether I’m photographing a wedding or documenting special conversations and moments with my older relatives, I want there to be evidence of the lives I’m photographing, and the unique experiences and emotions that each person holds.

Q: What is the best advice you received when you started out in photography?
A: Photograph what you know, who you love, and where you are. These are the things, people and places you’re familiar with and a great place to start if you’re feeling lost is to photograph what makes you feel the most comfortable. (And then of course challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone and allow yourself to experiment!)

Q: In your ‘Projects’ gallery, which series are you most proud of?
A: The one that holds so much love and value is ‘Nevertheless, She Persisted’. A big part of this is because it is a documentary photography series featuring strong, smart and caring women who I look up to. I feel so lucky to have documented women who I know will inspire and change the world as they raise their children, study hard, work hard, and thrive.

Q: In your bio, it says you’re really passionate about Human Rights. Can you elaborate on that?
A: Absolutely! These are just a handful of things, folks, topics, organizations, movements & more that I support and believe strongly in:

Black Lives Matter
Health At Every Size
Intersectional Feminism
2SLGBTQPIA+ community support

Q & A with the artist


Q: Do you photoshop people’s bodies?
A: I have never and will never warp or change the sizes and shapes of the wonderful folks featured in my work. It totally goes against my own code of ethics as a photographer and intersectional feminist. I want my clients to feel love and compassion for the way that they look and feel in my images. In university, we were taught that as photographers we have a responsibility to make sure our clients feel safe, reassured, and beautiful in their own skin!

Clients: The Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine Academy, Boomerang Pilates

Aliya's CV

Below is a list of my Photography Achievements and Experience

  • The Magenta Foundation Flash Forward Incubator Show, 2014
    Photography Show at Twist Gallery on Queen West in Toronto- Self Portrait Photograph displayed

  • Women in Art, 2016
    Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto- Diptych of photographs titled ‘Erica’ displayed

  • Ryerson-Brighton File Swap, 2016
    International Gallery- Untitled work Displayed

  • A Plan for Planned Parenthood Art Show, 2016
    Riverdale Immigrant Women's Centre in Toronto- Two black and white images from my series titled ‘My Room’ displayed and sold with all profits donated to Planned Parenthood

  • Women in Art, 2017
    Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto- A Portrait Photograph titled ‘More Good than Bad’ displayed

  • Ryerson First Edition Third Year Book Show, 2017
    The Ryerson Art Space at the Gladstone Hotel- My Photography Book titled ‘My Room’ displayed.

  • 'Counterparts' Ryerson Third Year Show, 2017
    Gladstone Hotel- A portrait photograph titled ‘My Sister’ was displayed in the Gallery.

  • 'Nevertheless, She Persisted', Thesis Project Pop Up Gallery Show, 2017
    Gallery 310: Ryerson University School of Image Arts- (3 Large Photographic Prints, 3 Photographic Books, 3 Audio Interviews, and Furniture Installation)
    A multi media series documenting the lives of three young mothers in Toronto, challenging stereotypes and creating a space to hear their stories.

  • Alia Youssef, creator of 'The Sisters Project', 2018
    Portrait of the incredibly talented photographer, Alia Youssef
    (creator of 'The Sisters Project', an internationally recognized project that celebrates the diversity of Muslim Women)
    Shot on a Mamiya 645 AFD ii, Portra 400

  • Maximum Exposure 23, 2018
    ‘Nevertheless, She Persisted’ displayed in The Ryerson University Year End Gallery Exhibition & Catalog, Maximum Exposure (23rd Edition).
    Maximum Exposure 23 showcased thesis projects from the graduates of Ryerson University’s School of Image Arts’ Photography Studies program, Class of 2018.

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography Studies, Ryerson University
    Class of 2018


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