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Photo by Alia Youssef

For those of you who don't know, along with being a professional freelance photographer, I also teach photography! I work for an amazing company called GTA Photography Classes. I have been the photography instructor for their Teen 101 Photography course for almost 3 years and I absolutely love what I do. We offer private lessons, afterschool & camp programs, corporate events and workshops about, you guessed it, PHOTOGRAPHY! I am so incredibly grateful that I get to combine my love of working with kids and my passion for photography in this job. Part of what keeps me inspired in my own business is the energy and enthusiasm of my students when I'm teaching a lesson. I'm so happy that I was interviewed by the wonderful Eva and featured on the GTA Photography Classes website. Thank you to everyone who has supported me through my photographic career, it's even more wonderful than I imagined it to be, and there are so many more experiences and adventures to come. 

Feel free to check it out by clicking the link below to learn more about my photography, inspiration & some fun facts!