I had the most amazing company lifestyle shoot with the lovely Priscilla Tang! This girl is launching her new nutrition and healthy living program called, 'The Anti-Diet' (I know right? Such an awesome name!). She will be teaching people to love their bodies and care for their health through positivity and by learning about a balanced lifestyle. Priscilla is someone who teaches self love and who wants to support and guide other women in learning how to better their mental well being in healthy and safe ways. My goal for this shoot was to show the world and her clients the heartwarming, intelligent and dedicated person Priscilla is. 
I absolutely love photographing and representing amazing and hard working women like Priscilla, and had such a fun day of shooting with her!

I hope you enjoy this selection of some of my favourite images from our shoot!



Check out Priscilla and her program The Anti-Diet on her website!